Street Life:  NYC Rap Dance
Street Life: NYC Rap Dance

While in New York City…  I [LOVE] New York City.   I had the luck to come across four young street dancers who entertained the crowd for quite some time.  The young lady to the left and the tall Michael Jackson type in the center were the highlights of the group with their sharp stepping and quick feet.  I don’t think the little lady in red ever lost the big infectious smile on her face.  I found myself clapping and smiling just a broadly.

For larger image or camera details click on SmugMug link below.


  1. Street performers add so much to the urban fabric.Too bad so many of us are rushing to get here or there to be able to stop and appreciate them.

    1. This is one of the things I love so much about big city. There are so many things to see besides the museums. People are so interesting and I love watching the street entertainers such as these street dancers. I can’t wait to see New York again.

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