There was so much color, festivity and livelihood at the Lions Square in Heraklion on the Island of Crete, Greece.  I loved watching the two boys play in the street as though there were no one else around to see them. They sparred and danced around the square for over 15 minutes. I’m sure big brother was letting the younger excel at the game as it continued on and on.  Take a look off to the left, sitting on the edge of the Lions Fountain is a young street entertainer playing the accordion while another on looker further up is a woman carrying the large bundle of colorful balloons for sale.  Inexpensive and colorful entertainment was in abundance.

To view the largest size image or see camera details, visit SmugMug link below:

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  1. What a very colourful street with happy looking kids!

    1. Thanks, Liz. I had fun watching them and photographing them. They were oblivious of everything around them as with most children having fun.

  2. I see it – the accordion player!Thanks for pointing that out 🙂 Great shot – I love the movement in the feet. Definitely adds “life” to the photo.

    1. Hi… thanks for your thoughts on this picture. I really enjoyed watching these young boys at play in the square. I’ve several shots of them and there was action in each but this was the best to me. I think the older brother was letting the younger get the best of him. 😀

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