Baby Chicks

Getting ready for Easter and using this picture for my Easter Cards….


  1. They look cute. I wish they could remain small and cute forever!

  2. What a great photo! I wasn’t able to pull up the original in SmugMug to see the changes brought about by your editing, but I certainly like the end result! As for the chicks themselves, I love how you managed to capture the one in back looking over the four in front – too adorable 😀

    1. Usually the one I post in SmugMug us just a larger version of the same. I’ll have to go back and post up an original for you. I took quite a few of the same chicks and this was the fave. I’ll let you know when the original is there. Thanks for writing. Karen

    2. Hi Again. I added a link to show the original image but not on SmugMug. I’d forgotten that I had the note in the text about the original and had uploaded the finished image to SmugMug.

      1. Karen, enjoyed seeing the original. Enhancing the red tones was a great choice!

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