I once saw a vivid piece of photo art that captured the Venice canals in all their color and history.  Since then I wanted to visit there myself and look for the same spot.  I didn’t find where the picture was taken but that didn’t stop me from shutter bugging over 100 images in Venice alone.  Even though the days were cloudy the colors still shown through.

Reflections on Venice Canal
Reflections on Venice Canal

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  1. Only 100 images? It is so hard not to snap pictures in the beautiful city. Every turn is photo opportunity. Love the colors in the photo you shared today. Thank you.

    1. I’m sure I it would have taken more if the weather was better. It was wet and raining the two days we were there and the camera was under cover most of the time. We still had fun though and it’s one of my favorites to visit. Need to go back for a sunny day. 🙂

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