Oh, what a rare find from a local antique store.  To read the recipes, just view the original with extra pictures.   I must confess, another side of me that I’m just sharing is my love of antiquing.  Each antique store is like exploring a free museum chock full of treasures.  When I pick out an antique it is to use and not just store away to admire later.  This week I found a well preserved Hershey’s 1934 Cookbook.  Who do you know that didn’t learn to make their first batch of icing with Hersey’s chocolate.  The book I found was actually a reproduction doneRead More →

I found theses cute little chicks wandering close to a beach in Kauai and took several pictures of them. The image was cropped to remove some distracting background.  I’ve thought it would make for a fun Easter card.   The chicks had little flicks of dirt on their feathers which was removed using the Spot Healing Brush Tool in Photoshop. Red was popped up a bit in mid-tones. Click here to see an original non modified picture with small twigs on the right hand birds head and little bits of dirt on the feathers like to see it.  The modified has saturation enhanced and I used the burnRead More →

In 2011 I was in my home state of Idaho up in the Northern Panhandle just south of Cour de’ Alene for a family gathering. This is some of the most beautiful country in America with its magestic mountains, richly colored forests and lush meadows. If not for the winter cold and snow, I would still be there. Visiting during the summer and fall months can sometimes make me wish to return.  This rainbow was a vivid surprise just after a sprinkling rain.  This picture is dedicated to my dear brother, David. To view this image is its full size (with no obligation to purchase),Read More →

A full feathered duck taking an afternoon swim and splashing playfully in the water on a sunny day at a park in London. This shot was taken back in the days with my first digital camera a Minolta DiMAGE Z1.  At the time I thought the camera was amazing but as the new technology progressed I’ve upgraded and often want to upgrade again.   Every time I look at one of these pictures I wish I had been carrying a better camera. And, things haven’t changed. I still envy the photographer lugging along their heavy lenses, tripods and professional cameras and think, “oh, you luckyRead More →