New to the Herd

While touring through Montana we visited the National Bison Range and had the opportunity to view the bison roaming free.  We purposely stopped both to see the animals in a natural habitat and also so that I could take pictures galore of the bison.   It was a thrilling experience and a little scary too.  I kept at a good distance and used my Nikon D60 with Nikon DX 55-200 zoom so as to allow me a safety zone.  Click here to learn more about the National Bison Range which is well worth the visit.   Today there are 350-500 bison who call the Bison Range home near the Mission Mountain Range.   To see the young bison it is best to visit Mid-April to Mid-May.

New to the Herd
New to the Herd – Click on Image to go to SmugMug Large Picture.


    1. Thanks John. It was fun taking pics of these amazing animals.

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