Hershey’s 1934 Cookbook

Oh, what a rare find from a local antique store.  To read the recipes, just view the original with extra pictures.   I must confess, another side of me that I’m just sharing is my love of antiquing.  Each antique store is like exploring a free museum chock full of treasures.  When I pick out an antique it is to use and not just store away to admire later.  This week I found a well preserved Hershey’s 1934 Cookbook.  Who do you know that didn’t learn to make their first batch of icing with Hersey’s chocolate.  The book I found was actually a reproduction done in 1971 where they did revise and update some of the recipes for the current time.  Still, a cookbook from 1971 in this shape is still hard to find.


HersheyCover HersheyPg92 HersheyPg83 HersheyPg32 HersheyPg25 HersheyPg15


  1. My daughter and son in law moved into this house and we have hundreds of cook books dating from 1934 to the 80s . One in particular is a 1934 Hersey cook book that is identical to the one on your page . I was curious about how much it is worth.

    1. Mine was a reproduction from 1971. Can’t remember for sure what I paid. An original could be pretty valuable if in good condition. Maybe look on eBay. I’ll look to see what I paid for mine.

  2. I have one also in good.condition . How much is it worth?

  3. Love the cover and the chocolate on the kids faces! It just MAKES you want some, doesn’t it? 😀

  4. Looks like a great cookbook! How fun that you were able to find it. You’ll have to make some of the recipes and share them with us!

    1. I couldn’t believe I found it. At first I thought is was circa 1934 but realized it was 1970’s when I looked in the cover. Still a great find. When I slow down a little then I’d like to get back to doing a little cooking / baking. That’s why I’m doing mostly pictures right now. It still takes about 1-2 hours to Photoshop the pic, save it to SmugMug and then post with a few notes on the Blog. I found a Pinterest site on food photography that you might like. I can’t remember if I sent it to you?

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