Camping After the Rain

In 2011 I was in my home state of Idaho up in the Northern Panhandle just south of Cour de’ Alene for a family gathering. This is some of the most beautiful country in America with its magestic mountains, richly colored forests and lush meadows. If not for the winter cold and snow, I would still be there. Visiting during the summer and fall months can sometimes make me wish to return.  This rainbow was a vivid surprise just after a sprinkling rain.  This picture is dedicated to my dear brother, David.

Camping After the Rain
Camping After the Rain

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  1. This is lovely. I do love the rain, and rainbows, and this one is complete. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. I need to go back and write more on this picture. It was taken at my brother’s cabin and I’ve such fond memories of these times with him. His sons were camping in the tents in the meadow.

      1. I think that’s what I love about these sorts of photos. These are the memories. Especially the outdoors – we spend so much of our lives inside. I do adore getting out into the wilderness.

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