Oceanside California Pier

When we can’t be in the Caribbean we travel by car over to the California coast for a quick fix and dose of the Pacific Ocean and it’s sandy beaches.  This is a lovely spot in Oceanside, California to view on an evening walk along the beach. The building out on the pier is a Ruby’s Diner where you can get a great Kobe beef hamburger and homemade milkshake.  The water is too cold for us to take a swim.  We are often surprised by the number of swimmers and surfers venturing out into the waves.

Oceanside California Pier
Oceanside California Pier

For those with Photoshop interest. This image was enhanced with filter unsharp mask, burn and dodge tools. That was about it.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I love that photo! Reminds me that we haven’t been to the coast in a while, and it is time to go!!

    1. Glad you liked it. I did a little photoshop enhancement to brighten the lights. Have fun on a coastal trip.

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