Chicken Cordon Bleu

I Love Chicken Cordon Bleu and this is one of the best from  I’ve made it several times and it always is delicious.  Looks as great as it tastes.

I wish I could take credit for the recipe but not. I do love it!!  It was submitted by Ellie36.  Over 8,000 people have said they want to make it and over 11,000 have it in their BigOven favorites.


I have made it several times and when I made it and took a photo, it looked like this:


If you like this recipe from KCinAZ, then give me a like or comment on this post. 😀  I’ll try to give you more fun recipes.


  1. Thank you for doing that! I will check out the link. I will be sure and let you know if I make it.

  2. Looks delicious! What a great dish for company. Thanks for sharing it. Is it difficult to make?

    1. It’s actually pretty easy. Just have to roll the ham and cheese in the pounded churchmen breast. Secure with a tooth pick. Bread then bake. It’s also good with a flavorful white sauce topping. I didn’t invent this one but it’s one of my favs from BigOven.

    2. Hi again, Cookie. I added a link for the recipe and a picture of when I made it so you have more reference. Hope you decide to make it.

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