Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

I’ve been busy wrapping presents and going out for last minute gifts.  I did finally find the perfect gift for that friend who has everything and then a bottle of Chocolate Port for my hubby at one of my favorite specialty groceries here in Southern Arizona; AJ’s.  No, we are not in Central Park!  Though I do long to go back.  This is one of those images that takes me to a Christmas like setting like when I was growing up in Idaho.  Here in Arizona, we do not get snow and I do miss it at Christmas.  Not the cold though.  I don’t miss the cold one itty bit.  I left the cold country many years ago as it seem to freeze me right to the bone.

Winter at Central Park

I had a little fun with this image in Photoshop. Thought not perfect, the windows and the lighting outside is now aglow with light. I also enriched the color of the buildings and the cottage.  I don’t know if it’s re-opened but it was once a restaurant that was closed when we were there.


  1. So pretty! You did a great job in Photoshop. Such a picturesque scene!

    1. Ahhh. Thanks Shari. I just hope i can get it iut on time since i need to use a service.

  2. Reblogged this on KC in AZ and commented:

    I’ve been away for awhile but warmly anticipating the holidays. I’m thinking of using this picture for my Christmas card. I hope to be more active beginning next week.

    1. Thanks! I had fun playing with it in Photoshop. It may be my Christmas card for next year. 🙂

    1. Thanks John. I had fun editing it and adding light to the lamp posts and windows. I may have to use it next year as my Christmas card. 🙂

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