Big Oven has made more updates and improvements to their Cooking & Recipe Website.  Gotta love these guys for all they do for us!  To see my recipes on BigOven you can go to this link: Go to this link to read about the improvements. More →

While taking a day trip during a vacation in Jamaica a few years ago we came across this delightful brown cow.  I liked the fact that he or she (couldn’t tell) just laid there and looked back at me with those large brown eyes.  He did look at me as though to say.. “Don’t come any closer or there will be trouble!  I’m not as nice as I look.”Read More →

Who would have thought that I would still be grilling outdoors in the middle of December!  It wouldn’t surprise me as much but we are again at Ironworks and the temperature was a brisk 45 degrees outside when I put the shrimps on the grill.  I cook year round at our home in the Valley of the Sun but never dreamed it would be the same here.  I did not serve the shrimp as a surf and turf which what I first thought of doing.  Instead we enjoyed them as an appetizer before dinner along with a sun-dried tomato artichoke dip and crackers.  Hope you enjoy the shrimpRead More →