There be Whales and Dolphin or Two

From a whale sighting trip in Kauai on a cool February day (2010), we lucked out and sighted both dolphins and whales during the trip. It was quite cold during February, but I couldn’t miss out on trying to get these pictures even in brisk weather.

I never thought we would see so much action and it was exciting to be there.

I’m not quite sure if this is two whales but it appears so. One is breathing out from the blowhole and the other is just ready to slap his tail and go under. Whales breathe just like human only through the blowhole. I never thought I would have the opportunity to photograph these elusive sea mammals and my heart was pounding every second.
This trip was in 2010 so my memory is not as vivid as I wish, but pictures do help to revive the sensation. I think this first larger picture may be a pair of whales based on the positioning. One is blowing and the other is just ready to splash the water.

One whale or two? What do you think?

The second large image was one that I thought would be impossible to capture and it almost was. I must have taken over 50 shots to get just this one. It may not be perfect but it was close to what I was trying to achieve. The water is deep blue, the tail is horizontal and there is water flowing from the “Flukes”. Did you know that each side of the tail is called a Fluke and that together they are called Flukes.
Each fin is named based on where it is located on the body of the whale. The fin on the top is called the “Dorsal Fin”. The fins at the side of the body are the “Pectoral Fins”. There is your whale and dolphin education for the day.

Never thought I would capture this image!

The names for fins hold true for the dolphins that are pictured below and for porpoises.  These pictures were taken on that same day in February a little earlier in the day, they are of dolphins.

Porpoises have smaller mouths, a more portly body and what is called spade shaped teeth.  I didn’t see any porpoises so there are not pictures of this sea creature to share.

The pictures below are probably of dolphins, not porpoises.  Dolphins tend to have elongated beaks or noses, a curved dorsal fin and a longer leaner body that a porpoise.  The dolphin is also a marine mammal like the whale. It is also more common to see dolphins than to see porpoises.  Just the same I was thrilled and lucky to see as many as I did.

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