Kiss the Cook Insulated Tumbler

I’ve got to get me some of these! A Facebook friend sent me the link and I think it’s a great gift idea. Please keep in mind that this post is not an sponsored advert for the company or product. It looked like a fun gift idea for anyone who has a love of cooking and that me in a nutshell. I’m putting it on my Christmas list.


Designs – Tervis Insulated Tumblers – Mugs – Water Bottles – Gifts.

I hope they have an apron, too!


  1. I bet hubby would like one of these…when we got married, we discovered that he likes to cook, and I like to eat. Great match, eh? πŸ˜† I actually made an apron and hot pad with material that has this saying on it, so this would fit right in!

    1. I wish my hubby liked to cook but he’s a hopeless mess in the kitchen. He can watch the grill if everything is prepared and put on it for him, but otherwise not. His tumbler would read, “Kissin’ the cook – when’s dinner?”

      1. HA HA HA!!! I love that! Maybe I should get myself one that reads that way. πŸ˜€

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