Deer Scull Wall Art

This was one of my first and most challenging jobs for a customer.  Not that there have been that many!  I was and still am a starving artist.   Two images of deer sculls were selected from online stock photos and purchased from different sites.  The customer wanted them to hang side-by-side on the wall in their entry in an Arizona home. The greatest challenge was that one of the original images was so small that when increased in size to a 24×36 final size there was so much work to be done.  Each antler and the skull had so much pixilating going on that the Photoshop Magic Eraser was almost worn out.  Then the Photoshop Burn was used to redefine the antlers where they lost their definition.


With this above image the brown wooden surface behind the scull had to be removed, pixel by pixel. They also wanted the white background removed and replaced with a blood red background.  That involved also replacing the brown from the nose with the vibrant red.


This image original size was 19×28 so it was less difficult to size it up to a 24×36. The skull itself was resized so that it matched the overall size of the white skull and horns.  The was some work to fix any pixilation that had occurred but not nearly as much as the white skull.  On both, the black border was added for a more dramatic finish.

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