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My definition of Curb Art:  Any specific object that you can capture from the curb or street with a camera that is not a complete building, landscape, portrait or group of people.

While walking down a new and unexplored street, or back alley there are often works of art waiting to be captured on camera.  For me, that’s Curb Art.  One of those rare finds while strolling about is when you come along an unusual or rustic door.  I thought that no one stopped to take pictures of doors but in spending time in WordPress, Pinterest and other social media it was surprising to find that it’s not that unusual.  There are some impressive doors out there just waiting to be personified.

Here are a few taken during the Christmas Season in Bisbee Arizona.

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I was particularly fond of the blue door as the frame was an aging rustic wood set into a wall of larger stones and rocks.

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This one was not quite as unusual but the old peeling paint and original oak peeking through was interesting enough for me to take the shot.

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  1. I’m not sure when the images from this post disappeared but I just added them back today. I love reading from the other photography blogger because I always learn something new. I had totally forgotten about using the burn tool in Photoshop and applied it to these pictures to add depth to the color. Hope you enjoy.

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