The Chocolate Factory (Old Town Bern Switzerland)

The featured image was taken in Old Town Bern, Switzerland during a trip in 2005 to visit our good friends at their Twann summer home.  Their summer home is in a small vineyard area nestled along the grape fields in historic Twann just a short drive from Bern.  The image of the house below below is from Twann while the featured image and other images below are from Bern.


Though, they had a city apartment in Bern, most of our trip was centered from Twann.   The two following picture came from the Old Town section of Bern where along the Aar River.   The Old Town was restored in the 18th century but thankfully kept it’s original old world charm.  This is one of my favorite images, The Chocolate Factory, and I’ve a framed one of it in my guest bathroom.   When looking back at this picture it’s hard to image that there is a large current day metropolitan city surrounding it.

Original image before Photoshop
The Chocolate Factory
Image after Photoshop

From our home base in Twann we toured all over Switzerland, visited the Alps and a went Castle hopping throughout France.  I’ve been browsing through the pictures and hope to share others in the future.

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