Gecko Gets a New Tux

From a high ground patio up on a hill overlooking St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, we saw this strange little character who was shedding his coat.  We were amazed to see a lizard who was midway in the process of the change.  I never knew they did that and it was a nice surprise to see it in action.  The link at the end of the story is a uTube video on the process and it’s quite interesting how the Leopard Gecko goes about the entire shedding.   I don’t think the gecko we found was a Leopard Gecko based on the shape of his face and body but they did look similar in color though the one in the picture is darker in color.  I tried to find this one on the internet but couldn’t find a match.  If you happen to know what he is, please let me know!


First the Gecko finds a humid area to begin the shedding and soften the skin.  They lick their own face to loosen the skin and then rub their face and body against a surface of any type.  Supposedly they grab against their skin, pull it off  and then eat it but we didn’t see this in real life.


Our Gecko looks like he is basking in the sun and letting the heat dry away the skin instead of how it’s described in the video.  He found a wonderful place to rest as the wooden fencing was bright and colorful; offering a perfect background for the pictures.


Hope you enjoy the video, too.  It really is a cute little creature up close in the video.  He looked like he knew he was being filmed and seemed to have a big smile on his face.

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