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Venice Through Different Eyes

Italy is a romantic eye opening country to visit and I love it, especially Venice.  Gus and I first saw Venice through the eyes of another after seeing a picture of a Venice Canal Scene in 2007 while visiting Las Vegas.  Since then we had wanted to see Italy in person.  In 2012 during the spring our wish came true and we spent 3 weeks exploring Italy.  While there we were able to spend 4 days in Venice looking for the canal from the picture.  Of course, with my Nikon D60 in hand I took numerous pictures while in Venice, Rome and Florence.

The first Venice Canal Scene all began with a thumbnail image of a picture that Gus fell in love while we were visiting Las Vegas. When the thumbnail was enlarged to a 24×36 inch size it completely lost all the definition of the original buildings, water, bridge and well almost everything.  The new picture was quite blurry in most areas and at full size in Photoshop was difficult to view.

Venice Canal Before Photoshop
Venice Canal Before Photoshop

Any railings in the picture such as along the footbridge, the top of the building in the background and water drain in the forward building had to be completely redrawn.  Since this was my first real attempt to do anything using Photoshop I stumbled along like a first grader doing finger paints.  I had no idea what I was doing or what any of the functions in Photoshop were supposed to achieve.  When there was an effect that I wanted, a Photoshop book was referenced to try to find the solution.   There was probably as much time in research on how to use Photoshop as was done in actually improving the picture.  As I worked into the late evenings, layers upon layers of digital painting and after about 30 hours of drawing, colorizing and adding new definition to the image it was finally finished. It was printed up using an online service and arrived home just in time for Gus’ Christmas present that year.

Venice Canal After Photoshop
Venice Canal After Photoshop

Last year we were able to take a trip to Italy and searched Venice looking for the place where the picture was originally taken.  I think it was this scene below or another that was very similar.  Maybe when I have time, I will do another using one of my own images.

Venice in the Spring 2012
Venice in the Spring 2012 taken with my trusty Nikon D60

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