Two Butt Kitchen

While enjoying weekend guests at our newly finished cabin in Prescott Arizona, a friend snapped a picture of me preparing Happy Hour and staging dinner.  It turned out to be quite a fun picture and captured me at my happiest…  cooking for friends.  I liked the picture so much that it is now my new gravatar and profile picture.

Gus, my hubby, and I designed the kitchen to follow the industrial theme in the cabin.  The raised counter in front of me in the picture was created from plates of heavy metal that are elevated about a foot above the counter.  It’s supposed to serve as a breakfast bar.  Gus made the counter by welding a platform to posts and then securing the bar to the posts.  Quite creative of him even if I say so myself.


Me in my Two Butt Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets are also industrial inspired.  The framing is all made of welded metal to create the framework and then cabinet facings were attached.  Gus also made and welded the cabinets.  All the metal in the kitchen was painted an oil rubbed bronze color and the back splash on the wall is of a brass metal over small tiles which gives it that rich glow.

I love cooking in the kitchen as everything is at a close arm length away.  The kitchen has everything that the larger kitchen has but in more confined space.  We even were able to squeeze in a wine refrigerator.

Some areas may be a little too close though.  We had to cut away the drywall behind the stove so that it could push back a couple of more inches.  After we installed the stove we were amazed to find that we couldn’t open the dishwasher.  The handles on the stove came so far out that the opened door of the dishwasher hit them.   We were able to make it work with a little ingenuity and elbow grease. You can probably guess that we built the cabin ourselves and that led to a few fun but difficult moments.

I’ll have been thinking of sharing more about the creations in the kitchen and in the home as a new page in my blog.  This cabin is not your typical and is full of fun surprises.

Let me know if you want to learn more about this industrial cabin called “IRONWORKS”.

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Lets talk about the two sides of me. I am a Gemini just so you know. The first side of me is the cooking and entertaining part. This is a major part of my life and I wouldn't be fulfilled without it. Of course, we all have to eat, but the main part of cooking for me is entertaining and sharing fun and flavorful foods with great friends. Dinner parties, happy hours and well, most anything to do with food is where I begin to enjoy. My other side, the artsy side is a craving for art, painting and photography. Maybe this is my Gemini left side of the brain?? Since starting to write a Blog I've picked back up what hubby calls my big ass camera and started carting it around again. He’s always afraid I will ask him to carry it. I keep thinking that when I retire (?#&*!!!) that I will have time to read all the photography books in my library and become a superb photographer. Wishful thinking.


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3 Comments on “Two Butt Kitchen”

  1. September 30, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

    Your new kitchen is really beautiful! It must be fun to cook there. We have a cabin in Ashfork, AZ that my husband built. It is not completely finished yet, but is very livable. He is installing the insulation right now. I would love to see more pictures of your cabin. Thanks for sharing the photo of your kitchen.


    • September 30, 2013 at 8:33 pm #

      Thanks Cookie. I always think of you as Cookie when I see your comments or picture. Where is Ashfork? We should try to get together for lunch sometime. You might get a response from my email on my phone with the same message. If you would like to do a lunch let me know. Karen


    • October 1, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

      We are at the cabin and just figured out that Ashfork may be north of Chino Valley. We are in Williamson Valley west of Chino. Do you go through Chino to go to your cabin? If you are in the same county, Yavapai, I feel sorry for with the inspection process. It was horrific for us! We finally did pass all thought.


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