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09/20/2014:  MasterCook now has a Cookbooks Store where you can get a choice of three cookbooks and two other cookbooks that are nominally priced.  I look forward to seeing more additions to the selection.

Students and Teachers for a limited time can MasterCook for free.  Lucky them.

MasterCook now has their own Blog.  This may be a good starting point to see if MasterCook is the cooking application for you.

09/03/2013:  The following is a recap of news directly from MasterCook about their updates.  I did receive a message from one of my readers who was concerned that they had to pay to use MasterCook and they do not have a trial version or have a minimal version that is free like BigOven.  A trial version or better introduction to the application would be a big plus for MasterCook 14.  BigOven does offer a free version but it is limited in comparison to the annual Pro version which includes many features not available to the standard user.  But, I’m not writing this about BigOven…. only giving a few comparisons.

09/03/2013:  A new update from MasterCook 14 on some of the upgrades and updates to the online application.  Can’t wait to try them out.  Here’s the news.

Improved uploading. When you’re uploading recipes and cookbooks to your web account, you’ll now see a progress indicator. This is helpful when you’re uploading large files. “KCinAZ – this should be helpful to those who have slower uploading services.  I always like to see the progress.”

Quick Start tutorial. Need help finding your way around the program? Not sure how to get started on the web? We’ve created a Quick Start Guide aimed at beginners.   “KCinAZ – This will be very helpful to the beginners.  Who wants to just plunder along without getting anywhere.  Thanks MasterCook.” 

Download multiple recipes directly from the Web Import Toolbar. You can download a batch of recently saved recipes to the MasterCook program right from the toolbar. Great time-saver!  “KCinAZ – I’ll have to definitely check this one out.  I’ve tried the download and it works good but not yet great.  Hopefully this is an improvement!”

To see more about other applications click on COOKING APPLICATION TAB ABOVE or click here.   As of 9/20/2014 MasterCook subscription is now $9.99, a digital download is on sale for $14.99 and includes the one year subscription, while a full boxed package with CD is $24.99 (in US only).  Check their website for current pricing.    If you were already a user of MasterCook the upgrade may less.

06/26/2013:  Here are some of the web features that are available with the web membership (borrowed directly from Master Cook 14):

  • 1-Click Recipe Transfer: One click will import most recipes from your favorite websites to your online account using any browser on your computer. At any  time, you can download your stored recipes right into MasterCook 14!
  • – YOUR recipes & cookbooks, anywhere: Now you can upload recipes from your MasterCook 14 PC and access your recipes from any web-enabled device  including your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Registered MasterCook 14 users can store up to 5,000 recipes in their personal online cookbooks.
  • Trending Recipes: Discover new recipes by browsing what’s popular among users.

I was pleased to see some great new additions to the program and couldn’t resist purchasing it.  If you would like to visit their website, click here.  This is not an advertisement for MasterCook and shouldn’t be interpreted as such.  I just love cooking, cookbooks, cooking applications and anything to do with cooking.  Happy Cooking!

ORIGINAL REVIEW:  I really didn’t think that I would ever use Master Cook again after finding but I am always pulled in to check out something intriguing.  Well, the new Master Cook is intriguing.  One of the reasons for moving away from MasterCook originally was that it did not have any internet based or mobile application.  They now have added this feature and its great.

Improved Import feature.  The old online import feature from several years ago was cumbersome and was a plug -in not supported by MasterCook.  With this new version they’ve included their own version and it’s greatly improved.  Now the application matches up the recipe that you’re looking to import almost 100%.  The import feature is tool that you drag and drop to the Favorites in Internet Explorer.  I’ve used it several times and each time it works well.  Sometimes the import will need a little tweaking.  In the example the item and item measure show perfect.  I’ve seen sometimes with the import where these two items run together and need to be separated by a space.


The Desktop Application is still very similar to the old version however they’ve spiffed it up a lot.  It’s more colorful and looks much more professional.  The graphics are more appealing than prior desktop versions.  You’re looking at the main menu here.  From the left page you can either go into the desktop cookbooks or to MasterCook online.   The second screen image is MasterCook 14 online.  You can create multiple cookbooks or just import into your own favorites.  These cookbooks are for your own personal use, but when importing from favorites cooking websites such as or those imports are shared with other online users.   To look at other users imports, click on the Trending menu item.

The trending menu item is a little slow loading but that may be due to the large number of images that it show.  I think MasterCook will have to do some organizing in the Trending section fairly soon as it is growing in size and is sorted by the highest number of imports.


One feature that’s been carried over from the old desktop application that is still there is the capability to print or publish your own cookbook(s).   This is an important feature for many recipe collectors and I’m glad to see that it’s still there.  Unfortunately for BigOven, this feature is not included in either their desktop or online version from what I can find.  If anyone else knows of how to do this in BigOven, I would love to hear of it.  However, one huge feature within BigOven that I love and that is lacking in MasterCook is the ability to look at and share recipes with the other members of the online community.

After getting MasterCook 14 loaded, I was able to easily import all the recipe books that I had created with the older ancient versions.  I was surprised and pleased to find that everything was still compatible.  I was able to import these also into BigOven desktop but MasterCook does a much better job with the visual appeal.





  1. Hello MasterCook 14 users and other cooking application enthusiasts. The MasterCook review has been updated again and includes my own opinion of what I like with the new MasterCook 14. I hope you find some of the new information helpful. KCinAZ

  2. So…. Where’s the review? All you did was tell us that MasterCook 14 was released and list a few of the features. Do you like it? What are the pros and cons? How does it compare with Living Cookbook or BigOven? How does it compare with previous versions of MasterCook?

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any evaluation version of MC 14, so the only way to see it in action is to purchase it. No sign of a “money back” guarantee either. These two things don’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy about it. (In comparison, you can try both Living Cookbook and BigOven before purchasing.)

    1. Hello IceDogg. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a comprehensive review as haven’t had the allotted time to do so. I was a long time user of MasterCook (over 10 years) when it was a computer based application only. I loved it and the fact that they supplied multiple cookbooks along with being able to create your own cookbooks. I hadn’t used it for around 3 years as I had switched completely to BigOven. In comparing those two applications the biggest advantage to MasterCook is that you can create and print your own cookbook. So if that is you goal it’s a plus. You may want to go look at the MasterCook website to see more about it. I’m not promoting either program just letting folks out there know they are available.

    2. BTW, I’ve not heard about Living Cookbook. Is it a web based application. I’d like to take a look at it. Are you a BigOven fan and use it? I’ve used both BigOven and MasterCook but have been way to busy lately to do much of anything but work which is not in the cooking field – darn. Can’t wait to get back to enjoying blogging and cooking. 🙂

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