Eating Our Way Through a Vacation – Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant Houston

Our vacations are usually not what one would call the veg out and relaxing one where you sit by the beach and burn to a crisp.  Gus and I love to venture out each day in a rental car and visit antiques stores, stop by a brewery for his favorite stout beers and then find an interesting place for lunch and dinner.

Some of the eateries we visit are a pleasant surprise and others not.  It all depends.  Usually, we let our eyes do the talking as we are on the look out for somewhere to eat.  Does the restaurant have curbside eye appeal.  Does it look clean and uncluttered or is it old and quaint.  Old and quaint is fine if has that homey feel but not so overgrown homey as to reek of greasy spoon.  Once inside the nose takes over and if you feel and take in the aroma of good food then find a table quick.



Our first stop was on arrival day in Houston was at Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant.  We had just picked up a rental car from a location that was several miles away from George Bush Airport Houston.  The rental car location was selected because there was a NRA Convention in town and the rental car prices from the airport were $700-800 per week.  By going to an off airport location we were able to rent the same car for $235 a week.  Big savings and that how we found Lupe Tortilla in Houston.  They actually have a really cute website if you want to give them a visit.

Anyway, I digress.  Lupe’s was a pleasant surprise and delightful.  They have the usual curbside Mexican restaurant eye appeal of the Stucco Hacienda restaurant in yellow gold.  Inside it was tastefully decorated and colorful as with most good TexMex restaurants.

photo photo1

The food was very good.  We wanted Fajita’s and they had a variety to choose from.  The Chicken Fajita dish was selected and we also went with a side of guacamole.  Chips and salsa were enjoyed while we waited for the main course.  Lupe’s serves their Fajita’s with the larger size tortilla instead of small one so there was plenty of tortilla to go around.  I must say that this was one of the better Fajita meals that we have had.  There was plenty of grilled chicken cooked to perfection and enough grilled to caramelized onions to accompany.  They did not overwhelm the dish with onions, peppers and other nonsense so that you had to dig through to find a morsel of meat.  Since returning home, I’ve learned that there are Lupe Tortilla locations all over the greater Houston area.  Lupe’s… when are your coming to Arizona?

More reviews to come as we travelled from Houston to Galveston and throughout that area during the first week of May 2013.

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