Open Range Grill & Tavern – Bison Burger Review

Gus and I stopped by the Open Range Grill & Tavern in Sedona, AZ on our way back from Flagstaff to Prescott last week.  The restaurant rests in a beautiful setting within the Red Rock area of Sedona on the East Side of highway 89A that threads its way through town.  Since Open Range is on the second level of the Singua Plaza, you get spectacular views of the mountain range on the East Side of Sedona. The picture below will give you a great idea of the view from the dining room.  The restaurant itself is appointed in a combination of industrial and western design that somehow works well together.  It has a very open yet inviting look.   The restaurant service was excellent and our server Jeff was pleasant, friendly and took very good care of us during our lunch visit.



We selected the Bison Burger from the menu.  I have on occasion made bison burger at home and it is usually okay but not quite as juicy as a standard beef burger.  This same holds true for the Bison Burger at Open Range Grill.  I can’t place blame in the restaurant for serving a dry tasting burger.  When you cook a burger, whether it be bison or beef, when it is served medium it just doesn’t have the taste and texture that is to my liking.

However, I am sure that they have other items on their menu that would satisfy me more when we visit them next time.  For a look at what they are all about and other menu items, visit their website at Open Range Grill & Tavern.    I think I may give their Sage Rubbed Chicken a try next time.   I suggest you give them a try too if in the area, but do avoid the Bison Burger.

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